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325 N Central Ave. Duluth, MN

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At Dungeon’s End, we are all about fun!

We are a local board game and card game store located just off the freeway in West Duluth . We carry a huge variety of games and puzzles, role playing games, dice, miniatures, paints and more! Our friendly staff will help you find the perfect item for you and your fellow players!

But we are much more than just a place to buy stuff. We celebrate the social aspect of coming together and enjoying the company of friends. Our in-store Game Space is free to use, so grab a game from our game demo library, sit down, and start playing.

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We also feature demos, tournaments and other events in store, so you'll always find plenty of ways to have fun. Be sure to visit our events page or website for all the details. Or you can sign up for our monthly email newsletter and get updates sent to your inbox.

If you haven’t visited us in a while, or if you have never visited, you will want to come check out our newly remodeled retail area. We have redesigned and added new products to offer a better shopping experience.

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